A lot of companies are major water consumers, but do not consider managing their water resources as their core mission. They therefore increasingly call on the expertise of water specialists to optimize their internal water flows, supply process water or reuse wastewater within the production process.

Azulatis is the market leader in Flanders and guarantees the proper execution of water-to-size projects.

water management

Our working method


Industrial water projects are always customized to the customer’s needs. Based on the available resources, the most appropriate way to achieve the requested water quality and quantity is sought. This always takes into account the economic story as well as the sustainability of the sources and treatment steps to be used. In this way, Azulatis contributes to a better environment, risk mitigation around the water supply, and business security and climate adaptation for the companies and the environment in which they are located.

Azulatis maps the company’s internal water flows and works out alternatives that optimize water consumption based on the sources present. This optimization usually goes hand in hand with significant savings in pumping, processing and discharging water.

Available sources can be groundwater or surface water, as well as wastewater or reusable process water. The quality of the water supplied depends on customer demand (including cooling water, drinking water, demineralized water …). The plant is usually built on the customer’s premises, which can also reduce delivery and distribution costs.

Azulatis usually executes its industrial water projects according to the concept of DBFO (Design, Build, Finance & Operate) contracts. This means that we not only provide the necessary knowledge according to the customer’s specific requirements, but also realize the water treatment plant tailored to the customer’s needs. From design to construction to financing to operations. Azulatis employees gained decades of experience with the water treatment specialists and technicians within water company The Water Group.