A lot of companies are major water consumers, but do not consider managing their water resources as their core mission. They therefore increasingly call on the expertise of water specialists to optimize their internal water flows, supply process water or reuse wastewater within the production process.

Azulatis is the market leader in Flanders and guarantees the proper execution of water-to-size projects.

Azulatis schedule water treatment
Azulatis wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

In addition to producing custom water, Azulatis has more than five years of experience operating water treatment plants. This can be either completely in-house or just for maintenance support or technical assistance.

Operation of WWTPs.

  • Broad experience
  • Complete online monitoring and control
  • 24/7 standby service
  • Sampling and analysis by our own BELAC-accredited lab
  • Sampling and analysis by our operators and (if necessary accredited) external wastewater laboratories

Wanted: investor Azulatis

Investor sought to further scale our business in an independent growth trajectory. Azulatis is the market leader in Flanders in terms of water-to-size projects. Based on an analysis of the needs and in light of Azulatis' ambitions and plans for the future, we are looking for a financial investor to take a one-third stake for this purpose.

The Water Group brings industrial water services to Azulatis

The public drinking water company De Watergroep is transferring its industrial water business to a private subsidiary called Azulatis. Companies are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions for their water consumption. A separate, independent subsidiary for that industry can respond to that demand more quickly and smoothly, The Water Group believes.
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