2704, 2023

Wanted: investor Azulatis

27 April 2023|

Investor sought to further scale our business in an independent growth trajectory. Azulatis is the market leader in Flanders in terms of water-to-size projects. Based on an analysis of the needs and in light of Azulatis' ambitions and plans for the future, we are looking for a financial investor to take a one-third stake for this purpose.
102, 2023

The Water Group brings industrial water services to Azulatis

1 February 2023|

The public drinking water company De Watergroep is transferring its industrial water business to a private subsidiary called Azulatis. Companies are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions for their water consumption. A separate, independent subsidiary for that industry can respond to that demand more quickly and smoothly, The Water Group believes.
2010, 2022

Brand new water reuse plant at Alpro

20 October 2022|

Circular water use is one answer to the drought problems of today and the future. The brand new water reuse plant at Alpro in Wevelgem fits perfectly into the vision of a sustainable and climate-robust water supply. Alpro is investing 3 million euros and can thus count on an annual capacity of no less than 720,000 m³ of water.
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